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Maya of Michigan: A novel of linked stories , forthcoming.  

Maya is not a tourist but a traveler; and yet her journeys, from India to America, and within the many of states of the United States, reveal as much about the places she inherits and inhabits as they do about her layered memories, doubts and deliberations. Waiting at JFK airport in New York, for a delayed flight to the Midwest, her story converges with those of other travelers from India, America, and elsewhere, dead or alive, as they live, love, and travel. The beautifully crafted interlinked stories of Maya of Michigan offer both trenchant critique of society and gentle persuasion towards its possibilities… 

'A Flute Called Radha' by Debotri Dhar. In Malashri Lal and Namita Gokhale eds. Finding Radha: A Quest for Love (Penguin Random House, December 2018).

The Courtesans of Karim Street by Debotri Dhar (New Delhi: Niyogi Books, 2015). (Shortlisted for the Muse India Young Writers Award.)

A spiteful anonymous letter. The promise of a redgold tree. And Dr. Megan Adams sets off on a ten thousand mile journey. From the scenic suburbs and high crime neighborhoods of New Jersey, USA, onwards to India, to the posh parts of New Delhi and the narrow bazaars of the old city, Megan’s travel plucks her from the politics of American academia to bring her face to face with the lurking shadows of an untold past. On an entirely different journey is Naina, a young Indian woman who must navigate the stony, impenetrable divide between the old and new sides of Delhi every day. Inheritor of an ancient tradition, she can still hear – above the smoky, gutteral rasps and metallic din of the newer factories in the old city – the music of the sarangi and the tinkling whisper of anklets. As the stories of the two women and their cultures collide, a saga unfolds, of love, loss and liberation, of timeless friendships, and of impossible choices.



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•Short fiction by Debotri Dhar published / mentioned in Glimmer Train, Everyday Fiction, The Copperfield Review; Staccato Fiction; River Poets Journal; StepAway Magazine; Asia Writes; Cerebration; Fickle Muses, and elsewhere.


 •Curated and edited by Debotri Dhar with introduction, Education and Gender (London, New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014). 

Curated, edited, and with a substantive introduction by Dr. Debotri Dhar, Education and Gender draws on international research from USA, UK, India, Mexico, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Caribbean, to provide a comprehensive global overview of the relationship between gender and education. Rooting constructions of gender and sexuality in specific geographical contexts, the contributors consider a range of issues and themes including the gender gap in educational attainment; pedagogical strategies; stereotyping in curricula; and education policy. Drawing on best practices worldwide, the book identifies current gaps and proposes solutions to promote gender-just, equitable, and pluralistic societies.


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•Curated and co-edited by Debotri Dhar, Education in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands (London, New York, New Delhi, Sydney: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017). 

Co-edited by Hema Letchamanan and Dr. Debotri Dhar, Education in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands is a critical reference guide to educational policies, challenges, and best practices in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Comoros Islands, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zanzibar.



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•Selected and edited by Debotri Dhar, The Best Asian Short Stories (Singapore: Kitaab, 2018). 

Kitaab’s The Best Asian Short Stories 2018  is a lively collection of stories by writers in Asia and Asian writers from the worldwide diaspora, including USA and UK. Gender relations, cultural collisions, art, travel, and the vicissitudes of love and life are some of the themes in this richly-woven tapestry of tales selected and edited by Dr. Debotri Dhar.

•Curated, edited, and with an introduction by Debotri Dhar, Love: Essays (New Delhi: Speaking Tiger Books, 2019).


•Debotri Dhar, 'A sense of Belonging: On Bharati Mukherjee and Indian-American Women’s Writing' (New Delhi: Open Magazine, 2017).  Read the essay here:    

•Debotri Dhar, ‘Feminism, Faith, and Intimate Violence’ (Ann Arbor: Center for the Education of Women, 2016). 

• Debotri Dhar, ‘“India’s Daughters”: Women’s Issues since Independence,’ in the German Journal of World History, guest issue on India ed. Dr. Gita Dharampal-Frick, fall 2015. (Trans. German.)     

See contents here

 • Debotri Dhar, ‘Teaching for the Future: Feminist Pedagogy and Humanitarian Education,’ in Debotri Dhar, ed. Education and Gender (London, New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014), 157-174.   

• Debotri Dhar, ‘Women, Homes, Histories: Main Trends in Modern Indian Literary Fiction,’ in Saurabh Dube and Ishita Banerjee eds. India: Histories of the Present, Istor  59, Dec 2014. (Trans. Spanish.)      

•‘Debotri Dhar, 'Recuperating Postcolonial Shame: Self, Sovereignty, and the Indic (Imagi)Nation.’ Review article. Dialog No. 25 (Spring 2014), 138-144.   

•Debotri Dhar, ‘The Class Dimensions of Rape in India,’ in Ranjay Vardhan and Manoj Kumar eds. Indian Women: Issues and Perspectives (Delhi: Indian Publishers, 2012), 180-199.  

• Debotri Dhar, ‘Radha’s Revenge: Feminist Agency, Postcoloniality, and the Politics of Desire in Anita Nair’s Mistress,’ Postcolonial Text, Vol 7, No 4 (2012).