"The women in Dhar's work seize the trajectory of the road and navigate it on their own terms." 

- New York Journal of Books 

About Debotri Dhar

Writer. Educator. Editor. Academic. Traveler. 

Dr. Debotri Dhar has lived multiple lives in India, USA, UK, and other named and unnamed countries in-between. The author of novels, short stories, curated and edited scholarly volumes, essay collections, academic articles, and newspaper columns, she loves juggling the critical and the creative. 

Dr. Dhar earned a Bachelors in Economics from Delhi University (India), a Masters, with distinction, from the University of Oxford (UK), a Ph.D. in Women's and Gender Studies from Rutgers University (USA), and teaches Women's Studies at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA. She has given papers, presentations, and talks at universities such as Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Boston, U-Penn, Michigan, Delhi, Oxford and elsewhere, while also speaking in non-university settings accessible to a wider public. A recipient of several prizes in the US, Debotri was shortlisted for a Young Writers’ Award in India for her most recent book. 

Debotri’s other interests include music, painting, cinema, and the culinary arts. She likes, in no particular order, moonlight, mountains, middle mists, the colors of fall, raindrops, riverside walks, the first snow of the season, hope, and hummingbirds. She is the Founder of The Hummingbird Global Writers' Circle.